Learn to Skate!

Skating lessons are being held at local rinks all across the country.  It’s very easy to get your child involved in skating lessons.  Most ice rinks dedicate ice time to hold classes for beginners through elite competitor levels.  There are usually times set aside for adult skaters.  Most rinks have time slots available in the early mornings before work or school and in the late afternoon, evenings and weekends.

Group classes are the best way to begin and once the skater has some basic skills, you might want to consider private lessons with a skating coach.  Call your local skating rink for more details.

Beginning skaters usually don’t need any particular clothing.  Beginners can be seen with yoga pants or jeans, but once skaters get a few skills, they will want to wear clothing that allows the skater to be more flexible.  Skating pants and beginner dresses are good to wear for the ability to move freely.  And, skaters usually wear special hosiery that is designed to move with the skater, provide warmth, and look good during competitions.  These are made in several different styles and thicknesses.

Skating can be very expensive with all the lessons, ice time, hosiery, skating pants and skating hosiery.  Look for vendors to buy from that are cheaper, such as fromhttp://www.cheapskatingdresses.com.  All inventory can also be found on Ebay at the following links:

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